A New Blog About Journal Writing and Aging!


Yes, I am worth it – AND SO ARE YOU!

I have been writing journals for the past sixty years – yes, I said sixty years! I began regularly keeping a journal in 1955 and have kept at it year in, year out. There are some gaps here and there, but the benefits always outweighed the inertia which spelled itself out in so many forms; such as:

“You’re much too busy!”

“You should be able to get on with your life without having to use a journal to discover the insights you need!”

“All those journals on the shelf – what use are they to you?”

And on and on. It is always inertia masquerading beneath a different hood and I saw it for what it was: unadulterated inertia.

The pull, the drag on one’s life of inertia is monumental. It overwhelms one without the slightest interference or qualm. One second it is the least of possibilities, and the next second – one is lost in it. Like gravity, it is always there to inhibit the initiation of, or the pursuit of, or the completion of many of the things we intend or expect of ourselves. It is the unspoken reason behind our procrastination, neglect, and displeasure that things are not going well in our lives. It is hard to think about but when you do, staring you right in the face is the fact that you never started, or worked on, or finished what you wanted to do. And, on top of that, it covers itself with excuses that justify the result.

How sneaky! Since you haven’t “ventured,” you haven’t “gained,” and that assuages the disappointment you bury under layers and layers of previous disappointments. Inertia is the way it is. And you can change it! Honestly, you can.

But it takes courage! You know the Serenity Prayer: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Getting up the courage to face a piece of tablet paper can be a mighty tall order, but you can have some help with this. And yes, I mean the most reluctant writer on the planet.

I plan to focus in this blog on all reluctant writers and, especially, seniors who have spent most of their lives avoiding anything that has to do with writing. Not only does it take courage to face a blank page on a tablet, it takes enormous courage to face the issues and problems that arise with advancing years. I can write about this with the simple experience of my own seven-plus decades. Living through them and enduring the challenges these years bring in every area of life will be a significant focus for me as I detail the way journal writing can offer unexpected help going forward into an entirely new and different dimension of your life.

Please join me in this adventure with your comments, questions, suggestions for links, etc. that I am certain will lend even more insights into the great unknown of aging and living well and having fun a day at a time as you write in your journal !

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